Ale Arce, is an experienced digital strategist with passion for business growth and the always changing market behavior.
Helping businesses thrive through this constantly changing digitalization of everything.

With experience in native ecommerce international corporations as well as startups, she is driving clients to pinpoint emerging opportunities and create new businesses by harnessing the full power of digital.

Working at Facebook inc for several years, made it possible for her to understand how digital media platforms and products worked from the inside out.

Now, responding to the constant need of the market for guidance on how to grow their business through digital efforts, this consulting structure was built.

The consulting sessions are efficient, straight forward video conferences where we understand and explore your business to propose the right strategy and action plan for your business to achieve its growth goals. Staying beside you along the way.

With this model, after 2 to 4 sessions you will be able to understand and get your team going on to the right direction.

Lets grow your business!

My (professional) story:

With a degree in industrial engineering and a mayor in statistics I worked for couple of years as a process engineer analyzing and implementing changes in the production processes of a big corporation achieving 30% anual savings and the turnaround of 5 production lines with a 35% yield improvement.

Later in life, I worked in digital marketing for all countries at Linio, an amazing ecommerce startup that grew into a huge company with presence in 9 different countries. Analyzing and creating optimization systems for all their digital marketing channels in order to achieve the business growth goals. Also managed the construction and launch of the first mobile app of the business in 4 different countries.

Then, I joined an other ecommerce startup Petsy, which was later sold to a bigger corporation, as their CMO and co-founder, designing all marketing strategies, channels and implementations to achieve the promised goals to our investors.

After that, I partnered up with a very talented NYU student to built and launch a mobile app in New York with the support of NYU. From managing the technology construction, market fit pilots and niche tests, to running its marketing strategies. We launched, tested and killed it in less than a year, all due to our mantra “if you are going to fail, fail fast”

This moment is when I first started doing consulting for several startups (globally from New York to Mexico city ) where I found out they all had the same challenges: after raising their first seed or round A investment they realized that the “growing” part was not as easy as they thought and the numbers of their P&L are not matching reality. They have spent too much money in digital mkt with no results, so they look for an experienced person to guide them. That’s where I jumped in and helped guiding them through each digital strategy and tests! Understanding that nobody is an “expert”, but has the experience needed to test everything with the awareness of the constantly changing market and media platforms.

Here is when I found out how passionate I felt for helping businesses grow through the power of digital marketing.

Then a very important moment in my career came, where I learned not only the inside out of digital media platforms but also best practices in people management, time and space management, recruiting and developing talent; I joined Facebook inc as a Regional Product Marketing Manager, developing and testing our products in each country and market vertical, all with the objective of building the best products, for our clients to get the highest return for their investment in our ads. A couple years later, still in Facebook inc I joined an amazing team as a Strategic Partnerships manager where we developed strategic partnerships, for both parties to grow and test our products in each market.

Although it was one of the best work places I have experienced, I felt the need to go back to my passion: driving business growth for companies.
So I started to do consulting for different kind of companies in several areas, not only in business growth strategies but also in management and people development strategies. Including the current challenge of Directors to understand and obtain the best performance out of our most beloved “millennial” generation, which was one of the most requested guidance I received, where with specific analysis an actions implemented we were able to turn an underperforming and dissatisfied team into the #1 of the company in terms of work happiness, balance and performance in 3 months.

So here I am fully focusing on helping business grow and evolve at the same pace the world is evolving.

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