Recruiting & Trainings

From IT & management to C-level roles, we know how competitive and difficult finding and getting the best talent is.
So we are here to help you understand and define the roles your business requires to thrive, structure them within your team, define their role and responsibilities, and find the right potential candidates for your company to recruit from the top talent of the market.

Through the process of:

  • Role definition & interconnection with the team.
  • Referrals and recruiting process: according to the talent required, we find the best candidates, contact them, get them interested and excited about your company, business and role so you can get a good pool of potential candidates to choose from internally.
  • Trainings: from new team members ramp up trainings, to your current team needed trainings to keep everyone on top of the market trends and performance.

Contact us to reach the best talent for your business today!

Published by Ale Arce

Founder & Managing Partner. Business strategist with passion for business growth & development. As Chief marketing officer of several companies from e-commerce to financial services she has experienced what is needed to grow your business in this digital era. She worked at Facebook for several years in product marketing for different regions. Also, worked at the fastest growing startups in latam including Linio.

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