Facebook marketing

Mastering facebook ads to get the highest return of your marketing budget. 
Learn how to take advantage of the reach, segmentation, data and algorithm, maintaining your performance indicators in optimal state. 
You will learn how to reach your potential market without wasting your money. Track what works best/worst and optimize accordingly. 

Google Ads

Google ads doesn’t mean only adwords, it covers from Display network, Adwords, Product Listing Ads to Youtube in all its ad formats opportunities.
You will learn how each one of them work, and most importantly which one is the best for your business and how should you implement it in the most efficient way.


Google Analytics

Why everybody should use Google analytics, all its potential and how to use it to track and optimize your digital efforts.

Managing young generations

How to maintain them motivated, excited, committed and get the best out of their talent. You will learn and understand how this new generations of professionals work and how you can actually get so much more our of their potential that will make your company grow from the inside out. 


Defining your Key Performance Indicators

Whatever your business field is you will need KPIs to control your budget, to understand where your business is going and to be able to take decisions every single day.

You will learn real examples of businesses KPIs so you are able to define your own. 

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